Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines Day...

If your one of those people that love this "holiday" well.. go read another blog because your not going to like this post. Valentines day is a day that we are suppose to show our affections to our true love and/or the ones we really care for. There are hearts and fat baby cherubs with bows and arrows ready to shoot you in the heart and make you fall in love. Couples are planning special nights all over the place. Now, I could get into the history of Saint Valentine and the Catholic church but...lets not even go there. 

Valentines day today is all a marketing gimmick. Flowers, candy, cards, heart shaped everything.  I get that its a great idea to show our lovers we care and romance is very important in relationships. However to me its a cheesy bullshit holiday. A non-liday if you will. 

You should be showing your partner you love them year round. Not just on this one day when your being told you have to. The little things are the ones that matter most in the long run. Id rather not get a single thing for valentines day and have my girlfriend show me she supports me and my decisions and appreciate that I'm a hard worker. 

It's all about the little things. The things that your partner does daily for you and you for them. Weather its how she/he listens to your daily complaints about work and acts like she/he knows what the hell your talking about. Or how every morning when your in bed she/he bring you in a cup of coffee because she knows you cant get out of bed without one. Or How he/she waits up for you to come home so she can see you before she/he goes to bed.   

Those are the things that count in my book. Grand gestures are fine but I feel they are more for the benefit of showing others your in love and the little things are about showing your partner you love them. Weather you love it or hate it it That's my take on valentines day! 

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  1. Totally agree here. I've always said that it's the little things that matter most. I've never really cared for v-day, it seems so forced!