Wednesday, February 1, 2012

 I  get really down and depressed every now and again as I'm sure some of you do. When I'm feeling particularly down i sometimes write my thoughts and feelings into poetry. Doesn't  have to be an award winning poem. I'm definitely no expert on depression or poetry  but this helps me and maybe it can help some of you too. 
P.s. no one ever said poems had to rhyme.  Here's something i wrote earlier today:

The scars of the past whisper their dark symphony. 
All they say still rings so true, 
there's weakness in my  flawed heart and darkened soul.
Living in the waking world but out of touch as if in a dream.
Smiling masks begin to crack. 
With every breath the chilling darkness descends upon me 
Head spins in sadness, grief and regret ,
reliving my tortured past, future so foreboding,  mind on the brink of letting go.
I reach out for help, but you cannot see my pain because your drowning in your own.

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