Ridiculously Funny People.

Making people laugh is really an awesome thing. When youre feeling low sometimes the only thing to snap you out of it is the power of a good laugh. This page is dedicated to those Comedians who crack me the hell up and lift my spirits. This list will continue to grow so check back often. My hopes with this page is to have fun and share some of the talented people that brighten up my day. You'll find  links to their pages and where the info is from the Links page. In no particular order here they are:

Margaret Cho

Birth Name: Margaret Moran Cho                                         
Date of Birth: 12-05-1968                         

Sarah Silverman
Birth Name: Sarah Kate Silverman
Date of Birth:12-01-1970

Louis C.K
Birth Name:Louis Szeckely
Date of Birth: 9-12-1967

John Pinette
Birth Name: John Pinette
Date of Birth: 3-23-1962

George Carlin 
Birth Name: George Carlin
Date of Birth:5-12-1937 

Lucille Ball
Birth Name: Lucille Desiree Ball
Date of birth: 8-06-1911

Mitch Hedberg
Birth Name: Mitchell Lee Hedberg
Date of Birth: 2-24-68
Date of Death:3-29-2005

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