Saturday, April 28, 2012

Father Daughter Dance.

Yesterday was the annual Father Daughter Dance at my Daughters school. It is the third year in a row that we've gone. This year we took my daughter shopping and let her pick out anything she wanted to wear. She was so excited for the dance and excited to spend time with me. Lately I've been so busy with school and work and workouts that i haven't been spending much time with the family. I get out of work late at night and go to school early in the morning. By the time my little girl gets off the school bus I'm getting ready for work and only have about 20 min to talk to her before dashing off to a full nights work.

She misses her daddy and i miss spending time with her as well so this father daughter dance couldn't come at a better time. We got all fancyfied and went off to her school for pictures, dancing, and general merriment also a lot of high pitched squeals when the little girls saw each other. It was nice to see her grow into a well adjusted girl with friends of all kinds.

 I talked with her teacher and she informed me that the school is planning on an excel program and if they have the funding my daughter is definitely going to be in it. For those of you who don't know excel is a program for children that need to be challenge more. The teacher said that my daughter Saige is easily the smartest girl in her class. She tries to stump her and challenge her more than the other children and thinks my daughter needs to be in a more advance class. I continue to be proud of my little girl, what parent doesn't love hearing how well behaved and intelligent their child is right?!  

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding shower? Dont mind if i do !!

       Today I had a wedding party to attend just a few towns over at Chucks moms house. Its been a while since I've seen Chuck and his wonderful bride to be Molly so I was very excited to attend the event.  I was up bright and early today because the kids wanted their daddy to make breakfast. Being the master chef I am I decided on the foreign delicacy of  "Le bowl of cereal" as the french say. So the trolls ate their breakfast we played a couple games of topple had a couple laughs and I started to get ready for the Wedding shower.

To be perfectly honest I've never been to a wedding shower before. In the beautiful place that is my imagination, I imagined the wedding shower as us in the wedding party running around giggling while being showered with water from the water hose....Apparently I was way off base with that thought but it made me crack up in hysterics to myself. I do that a lot more than id like to admit.

Anyhow a wedding shower is actually when loved ones and friends get together and give gifts and eat delicious food and have great conversations and shit like that.  I had a great time at Chucks mothers house it was nice to see where he grew up and hear some amazing stories about the home and chucks family lineage. The house was a beautiful old Victorian and it freaking has 3 bathrooms! I got a one on one tour of from basement to attic. 

The food was indeed amazing and there was so much of it!  Molly seemed a little nervous but she handled herself very well as she usually does. Her infectious smile and sense of humor will always win over any crowd. Shes a great girl and I'm so happy for the two of them. As a parting gift they had "Molly pops" with chuck and molly's picture on them. The running joke was you eat the "Molly pop" and Chuck the wrapper. LOL it was a really cute idea. So anyway my day was filled with great people and laughs. I love these people and I'm not afraid to say it bitches.

Congratulations to Chuck and Molly and to a lifetime of moments that take your breath away.   

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where the shit has the time gone??

Ive been so busy with work and school and working out  that I barley have had time to write here. 
As you may know I'm going to massage therapy school. Its going pretty good too. I did have a couple bad days where I fell asleep in class and didn't do too well on my tests, but for the most part I'm doing awesome! Just as long as I can get some sleep that is.

 I'm already learning alot about ethics and the human body and of course the skin. In spa class we learned how to give a proper salt scrub for the feet. Practiced on my girlfriend and even mixed my own blend of different essential oils with it. I also had a coffee back scrub which made my skin feel amazing. Apparently coffee grounds are great for skin ! ha ha cant wait to learn more! and Goodnight!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I look good in a tux

My friend Chuck is getting married late May. Today the guys that are in the wedding had our tuxes fitted. It was fun to shoot the shit with Chuck and the rest of them for a little while. After which they were going for some brews. I didn't go with them this time but it was no big deal.

 Instead I took the kids to a birthday party at my friend Andrea and her husbands beautiful home. It was they're little daughters birthday her name is Kennadie . They even had a clown there for entertainment!! The kids got sparkle tattoos, balloon animals, cake and goo-die bags, and they played on the swing set. Fun times, good friends, and good food! what more could you ask for.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Fantasy World...who me?

 Tonight I watched some of my favorite TV shows and there was a running theme within them that really hit home.Ever thought about living in a different world? A world created by you where everything is there for the sole purpose of making you the happiest,well rounded, balanced, best version of yourself ever imaginable. Where you look exactly the way that makes you the happiest. You live in the place that makes your spirit sing. Your surrounded by everything that's right for you. A place where the inner you, the one you don't share with anyone including your spouse or best friend or anyone else. Where that perfect you runs free and happy? 

I have a world like this too. Its right there laying almost directly on top of this one. Sometimes the two become one and I can see it. Clear as day. The me I want to be. I can almost Reach out and touch him. Hes perfect, strong, magical, wise, a lover, fighter, protector, healer, A father, brother, friend, boyfriend....and so much more. But, right now its all just a fantasy. A wondrous daydream full of light and laughter. I'm not the man I want to be. Not even close. I swear its like I'm flying blind right now... Sometimes I wonder if my two halves will ever be one. The Light I seek and the darkness I am...