Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where the shit has the time gone??

Ive been so busy with work and school and working out  that I barley have had time to write here. 
As you may know I'm going to massage therapy school. Its going pretty good too. I did have a couple bad days where I fell asleep in class and didn't do too well on my tests, but for the most part I'm doing awesome! Just as long as I can get some sleep that is.

 I'm already learning alot about ethics and the human body and of course the skin. In spa class we learned how to give a proper salt scrub for the feet. Practiced on my girlfriend and even mixed my own blend of different essential oils with it. I also had a coffee back scrub which made my skin feel amazing. Apparently coffee grounds are great for skin ! ha ha cant wait to learn more! and Goodnight!

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