Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wedding shower? Dont mind if i do !!

       Today I had a wedding party to attend just a few towns over at Chucks moms house. Its been a while since I've seen Chuck and his wonderful bride to be Molly so I was very excited to attend the event.  I was up bright and early today because the kids wanted their daddy to make breakfast. Being the master chef I am I decided on the foreign delicacy of  "Le bowl of cereal" as the french say. So the trolls ate their breakfast we played a couple games of topple had a couple laughs and I started to get ready for the Wedding shower.

To be perfectly honest I've never been to a wedding shower before. In the beautiful place that is my imagination, I imagined the wedding shower as us in the wedding party running around giggling while being showered with water from the water hose....Apparently I was way off base with that thought but it made me crack up in hysterics to myself. I do that a lot more than id like to admit.

Anyhow a wedding shower is actually when loved ones and friends get together and give gifts and eat delicious food and have great conversations and shit like that.  I had a great time at Chucks mothers house it was nice to see where he grew up and hear some amazing stories about the home and chucks family lineage. The house was a beautiful old Victorian and it freaking has 3 bathrooms! I got a one on one tour of from basement to attic. 

The food was indeed amazing and there was so much of it!  Molly seemed a little nervous but she handled herself very well as she usually does. Her infectious smile and sense of humor will always win over any crowd. Shes a great girl and I'm so happy for the two of them. As a parting gift they had "Molly pops" with chuck and molly's picture on them. The running joke was you eat the "Molly pop" and Chuck the wrapper. LOL it was a really cute idea. So anyway my day was filled with great people and laughs. I love these people and I'm not afraid to say it bitches.

Congratulations to Chuck and Molly and to a lifetime of moments that take your breath away.   

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