Friday, March 23, 2012

Fantasy World...who me?

 Tonight I watched some of my favorite TV shows and there was a running theme within them that really hit home.Ever thought about living in a different world? A world created by you where everything is there for the sole purpose of making you the happiest,well rounded, balanced, best version of yourself ever imaginable. Where you look exactly the way that makes you the happiest. You live in the place that makes your spirit sing. Your surrounded by everything that's right for you. A place where the inner you, the one you don't share with anyone including your spouse or best friend or anyone else. Where that perfect you runs free and happy? 

I have a world like this too. Its right there laying almost directly on top of this one. Sometimes the two become one and I can see it. Clear as day. The me I want to be. I can almost Reach out and touch him. Hes perfect, strong, magical, wise, a lover, fighter, protector, healer, A father, brother, friend, boyfriend....and so much more. But, right now its all just a fantasy. A wondrous daydream full of light and laughter. I'm not the man I want to be. Not even close. I swear its like I'm flying blind right now... Sometimes I wonder if my two halves will ever be one. The Light I seek and the darkness I am...

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  1. I think we all have that. I know I am not the person I want to be either and sometimes feel like I am far from it. I think you are wise, strong and a fighter for sure! Keep working on who you want to be! You will get there :)