Friday, March 9, 2012

Back to the Workouts and staying positive

Its been a full week since my abdominal hernia surgery. I went to the doctor and got the green light to start doing my normal routine. So,I decided its time to make up for lost time and start working out again. I began yesterday and I can really feel how much weaker I've gotten in a month of not working out! That's alright though  I'm back at it again and will be in shape for the summer.  I've decided to drop my gym because i just cant afford a  60 dollar a month bill on top of supporting a family of 4 on one income.  I started  working out at home and so far so good although I am looking into a cheaper gym one that's 24 hours and i can go to straight after work. I am still a little apprehensive on lifting anything too heavy and messing up my stomach again so I am concentrating on workouts that include more cardio and using my own body weight as resistance at least for now. Things like burpees, alternating squats, shuffles, close grip push ups, sumo squats, inchworms, bicycles and mountain climbers. 

Everything is looking up and I'm working  hard on staying positive. Its a lot harder than it seems. I never realized just how "half empty" my outlook on life has been. Anyways I cant let my mistakes and failures ruin what I'm going for. I'm a work in progress both physically and mentally. I accept that every day isn't going to be easy  but, I'm not going to give up on being a more positive happier person. Still trying to follow this dream.....wish me luck!  

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  1. So proud of you & everything you are doing! You have a great attitude :)