Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rude awakenings... A Rant.

Heey! So Id like to start this Blog saying I'm a Second shifter. Meaning I work second shift 4pm to 12:30 am. I've done this shift for over 7 years now at every job I have been employed at. I love the night so this shift doesn't bother at  me at all. What does Burn my toast is the sound of hammering and drilling at 9 am coming from the downstairs bathroom. I mean I get people have to work but there should be some kinda law that prevents this kind of noise pollution from waking me from the most magnificent sleep I've had in a while. All i wanted to do this morning was stumble sleepy eyed down stairs  hammer and drill this noise making bastard up to the wall with his own friggin tools. But, being the lazy Taurus that I am in the mornings I decided to just have a couple cups of that Life saving, hot piece of heaven in a cup...Coffee. After 2 Cups of  Mana from heaven  I am up and coherent enough to take on my day. Before that, NOBODY TALK TO ME.

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  1. there is a law, but it states that nobody can start before 8 am. Sorry. I had that happen to me too, when they were remodeling downstairs for the new tenants, and for the refurnishing of the inside hallways and stairs leading right up to my front well as the refurbishing of the railings and stairs on my back door too. Long story short, for a couple months all i heard was drilling saws and buffers. :/
    At least its hump day!