Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mail surprise form IRS and more....

Yesterday I went to the mailbox and received what I thought to be my money from my taxes in the mail. Upon closer inspection of the letter I realized it was a bill a bill thats over a 1,000 dollars!! Apparently someone in the IRS must have entered the info with their elbows or something. Its called a  CP 2000 letter. Its unneeded stress right now but we are working on getting everything straightened out. 

On top of that my new parakeet is sick. I'm looking into a avian vet because the vets around here don't do birds. So hopefully the poor guy makes it until I can find one. Hes a good bird and was just starting to hang out outside of his cage and on our shoulders. I hope he makes it, I get attached to my animals really quick and get really upset when they pass... My fingers are crossed for my parakeet Ipswich. I already lost my rabbit of over 4 years randomly. I don't want to lose another pet.  

Work went well, minor pain form the surgery. I'm on light duty for 2 weeks till I heal up completely.That's it and its only Tuesday. Hopefully optimistic for the rest of my week. I hear we may get a snow storm this week. Hope we don't.

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