Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Daddy Daughter Day

Today was a good day to be out an about. Grown up life, relationships, and work have a way of adding unneeded drama into life. I took my 7 year old daughter out for a Daddy Daughter Day for getting straight A's on her report card and in school in general. She picked out my new jewelry for all the holes I like to put in my head. After that was a trip to Game Stop. We searched there for a bit until we came across a game she liked. Epic Mickey for the WII ! I have to admit I've really wanted to play it for a while and now that it was on sale it was was the perfect time to buy.
Next, we went to Friendly's a few towns over and I let her choose whatever she wanted off the ice cream menu. She had a Hot fudge sundae with gummy bears and m&m's. We talked about school and her best friends. I made sure she knew that this was a special treat for doing so well in school and also for the great job she did on her part of the cultural event at school. I told her how courageous she was and how proud I am of her. She admitted to being afraid when she was up in front of the parents with her classmates. I told her that being brave doesn't mean your never afraid. Being brave is about being afraid and doing it anyway. Facing your fears. She took it in for a sec. and then said  "the perfume isle at the mall really stunk." I smiled an agreed.  It was good to get out and pick her brain about school, her friends, and things she finds funny. Shes turning into her own little person so quickly right before my eyes. I'm afraid I'm missing out on so many things in my childrens  life sometimes. Its good to take time and do things one on one. We had fun :) 

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